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Ali and Salimah Are Suing The Libyan Warlord Whose Forces Killed Their Families.

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The Case

Ali Hamza and Salimah Jibreel have endured unimaginable loss in the brutal Libyan civil war. Hamza’s mother, two brothers and two sisters have all been murdered. Jibreel has suffered a similar ordeal, with three minor children murdered, the youngest of which was three years old, and her husband detained incommunicado. All of this was perpetrated by members of the Libyan National Army led by Khalifa Haftar, described by commentators as a ‘warlord’ and ‘rogue commander’. Haftar is the man reported to be behind countless contraventions of international law in a civil war that has gripped Libya since the Libyan Revolution in 2011, including torture, kidnapping and solitary confinement.

With the Libyan justice system in collapse, Hamza and Jibreel are unable to pursue justice there for the horrendous and irreversible damage that has been done to their families. On the international stage, Haftar continues to operate in diplomatic settings with impunity. That means the greatest hope for seeking accountability for these war crimes lies in the courts in the US, where Haftar is a citizen. National Security and Human Rights lawyer Mark Zaid will be representing victims Hamza and Jibreel and, joined by leading International Human Rights lawyer Matthew Jury, will be seeking compensation for extrajudicial killing, degrading treatment, crimes against humanity and war crimes in the US District Court of the Eastern District of Virginia. If successful, Haftar’s considerable assets within the US will mean that he will truly pay for his alleged crimes, and justice can finally be rendered to those who have lost everything.

Note: the above constitutes the allegations of the plaintiffs.

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Funds donated will be directed to funding expenses incurred by Hamza’s and Jibreel’s legal team in both the civil litigation and in calling for the US government to pursue criminal litigation.


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